Weekend at the original Brörmann home!

This weekend Koen and I went to visit his parents in Roosendaal, the Netherlands.

Every time we visit, we always eat well! Saturday night we ate a delicious steak dinner accompanied by herb butter, curry coleslaw, and french fries. First I need to share a photo of the steak!


Steak on the grill

And now my plate:


Steak with herb butter, curry coleslaw, and french fries

It’s not dinner at my in-laws without a delicious wine! You can see more wines of my father-in-law here: www.grand-vin.nl


Caiarossa 2006 Tuscany, Italy

Sunday night we ate traditionally Dutch. We’re nearing the end of the white asparagus season and Koen and I still had not had any! So I made a special request for this weekend. In America white asparagus are hard to find, but over here in the Netherlands and Belgium in the Spring it’s a staple food. So Sunday night we ate boiled white asparagus with egg, smoked salmon, ham two ways – cooked and raw, Hollandaise sauce, and lamb chops!


White asparagus with egg, salmon, ham, Hollandaise and lamb chops

And of course a delicious wine from www.grand-vin.nl


Avondale Cyclus 2009 South Africa

There are also nice snacks always when we visit! This time we had a selection of salumifici, or charcuterie in Italian. We had two to choose from, Bresaola and Coppa. As an amuse-bouche before the asparagus, Koen and I shared the Bresaola.



Sunday Koen and I were allowed to take the Coppa home with us, so tonight we used it to make an Italian salad. Over the salad I grated Parmesan and drizzled Balsamic vinegar. Yum!


Salad with Coppa, grated Parmesan, and balsamic vinegar

Like I mentioned earlier, always delicious food at the Brörmann home!

7 thoughts on “Weekend at the original Brörmann home!

  1. The French fries grabbed my attention,they look so crispy and light. Unfortunately we don’t see any white asparagus here in Calgary. If you do they are from Peru and no matter how much I peel and boil, they still are tough and tasteless . Looking at your plate ,it apears to me that the asparagus are center stage. I like that. The lamb respectfully stays on the side. Whats wrapped in the ham on the right? Did you ask for more fries? I would!

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