Dutch-style Post-Colonial Dinners

A couple ago of months ago an Albert Heijn opened in Antwerp!  This may not mean much to some of you, but being married to a Dutch man, a Nederlander, this is a big deal!  The Albert Heijn is a Dutch supermarket with Dutch products, meaning a large selection of world cuisine such as Indonesian, South African, and Surinamese (all former Dutch colonies).  This weekend I did groceries at the AH and bought the ingredients to make 2 different dishes – Babi Pangang (Indonesian) and Bobotie (South African). Lekker!

Babi Pangang (left) and Bobotie (right)

Sunday night we ate Babi Pangang.  This is the first Indonesian dish I ever tried and it is still my favorite!  It’s pork served with a sort of sweet and sour sauce.   As our vegetable, Koen cooked green beans in a spicy Sajoer Boontjes Boemboe.  Boemboe is an Indonesian herb paste that, depending on the blend, can be used for different vegetables and meats.  With our dinner we served the pork and green beans with Basmati rice, but if we’re cooking for more people we pair the dish with Nasi Goreng, an Indonesian fried rice.


Babi Pangang

You may be wondering about the part of the plate that is yellow and orange.  That is  Atjar Tjampoer, or Indonesian pickled vegetables consisting of white cabbage, carrots, and onions with spices. Atjar Tjampoer is served with all Indonesian dishes, whether with rice or noodles, as a sweet and spicy side.


Atjar Tjampoer

For dinner Monday night, I chose the South African dish Bobotie.  This is a baked dish of minced meat, green beans, and green apples served with rice and dried fruit. I thought this would be new to most people, especially in the United States, but it turns out that in 2008, at the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, it was the main course of the Champion’s dinner.  Every year at the Masters, the reigning champion hosts a dinner with his home country’s cuisine, and South African champion Trevor Immelman chose it as the featured menu item for his dinner.



Fresh out of the oven!



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