Carmen in Ghent

My friend Sarah, another American in Antwerp, is a member of the Flemish Opera. When she told me they would be performing Carmen (Georges Bizet) this month I had to go! By the time we looked into tickets, though, they were sold out in Antwerp – but luckily there were still tickets available in Ghent! The Flemish Opera performed first in Antwerp, and Koen and I were in Ghent for the opening night.

Carmen was the first opera I ever saw (via VHS in one of my music classes), so it was exciting for me to see it performed live for the first time! I knew from the promotional photos that it was going to be set in modern times and with a trailer trash theme. Luckily the theme worked a lot better than in 2001 when Carmen was turned into a hiphopera!


Opera, Ghent

The promotional photo:


Carmen promotional poster

Inside the Opera House:



If you want to read more about the Flemish Opera, this is their website:

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