Videeke aka Koninginnenhapje aka Vol au Vent and Jam Pastries

There is nothing better than warm comfort food when it is cold and rainy outside! Tonight Koen and I ate a typically Belgian dish with many different names, depending on where you live –  videeke, koninginnenhapje, and vol au vent. Because I live in Flanders, I will be calling it videeke.  Videeke is a delicious puff pastry filled with a chicken and mushroom creamy filling.  I like to think of it as a Belgian chicken pot pie!  Because we made the pastry ourselves, there was a lot of dough left over. Luckily we visited Koen’s Oma (Grandmother) yesterday and were able to take with us a jar of homemade strawberry jam – so I made jam pastries for dessert!

Videeke and Jam Pastries

Koen made the filling for the videeke, and I was able to do the fun part – the pastry shells!

Making the pastry shells!


Videeke – yum!

Because I had to make so many rings for the pastry, I was left with the small inner circles. As I mentioned above, we received homemade strawberry jam from Koen’s Oma yesterday. Rather than throw the excess dough away, I made jam pastries!

Making the jam pastries!


Jam pastries fresh out of the oven!


4 thoughts on “Videeke aka Koninginnenhapje aka Vol au Vent and Jam Pastries

  1. Ik koop die bakjes in de winkel,ben je vlug klaar!Die jamtartjes zagen er lekker uit.
    Wat een samen werking.Was ‘t gezellig en fijn in Amerika?xxt.Ingrid

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