Coconut Macaroons

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my sister-in-law Sofie cannot consume lactose and gluten. So this week while Koen and I were in Roosendaal, I searched the internet to find a gluten- and lactose-free dessert that I could make for the family. I thought it would be a lot harder, but there are so many websites dedicated to a gluten and lactose free lifestyle. In the end I decided on Coconut Macaroons from Elana’s Pantry. In addition to containing no gluten and lactose, there is also no sugar. I wasn’t able to find agave nectar, so I substituted it with honey (although maybe if you use honey you should add a bit more because I looked it up afterwards and agave nectar is sweeter). Delicious and healthy!


Coconut Macaroons, Before and After



All of the ingredients mixed together!



About to go into the oven!



Coconut Macaroons fresh out of the oven!

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