Chicken Spanaki


Chicken Spanaki (with Greek salad and oven baked pita with tzatziki)

Although I want to try out more Italian recipes, it’s a bit too much to do it all in one week. So last night I searched the Food Network for Greek recipes and found Chicken Breast Spanaki. I’m not entirely convinced this is a real Greek dish (it translates as Spinach Chicken), but these spinach, feta and egg stuffed chicken breasts sounded delicious! As sides, I made a simple Greek salad of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and kalamata olives (with a red wine vinaigrette) and baked pita bread in the oven to serve with tzatziki sauce, which I made with the leftover dill from the chicken, lowfat yoghurt, and garlic. Yum!


The filling for the chicken: Spinach, red onion, scallions, feta, egg, and dill



Stuffed chicken breasts before going into the oven. Koen had the great idea to close them with toothpicks!



Homemade tzatziki (lowfat yoghurt, dill, and garlic)

2 thoughts on “Chicken Spanaki

  1. Oooo I want!!! I created a full-blown mediterrian meal for valentine’s day this past year, first time making lamb, hummus and tzattziki sauce, and surprisingly it turned out well, but I preferred it with extra dill lol. Good job though, looks great 🙂

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