Macaroni all’Amatriciana


Macaroni all’Amatriciana

I was really excited to try Macaroni all’Amatriciana! Although it’s described as one of the most famous sauces out of Rome (originally from Amatrice) and Italy, I had never tried it. The main ingredients are guanciale (cured pork cheek), tomatoes, and Pecorino cheese served with bucatini, a thick, hollow spaghetti. I needed to make a few substitutions – guanciale is really difficult to find outside of Italy and I read pancetta is typically the best substitution and the Albert Heijn didn’t have bucatini, so I used macaroni. I thought the preparation of the tomatoes was a nice touch! Instead of using canned diced tomatoes, the recipe calls for blanched fresh tomatoes, peeled, seeded, and then chopped before adding them to the sauce. Although the tomatoes require a bit of work, I was able to make the Macaroni all’Amatriciana in about 30 minutes!

Sugo all’Amatriciana (Amatriciana sauce) is very similar to Sugo alla Carbonara except with tomatoes and Pecorino instead of eggs and Parmesan. I will definitely be making this dish again and will be on the lookout for the guanciale and bucatini!


Macaroni all’Amatriciana

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