Summer Stuffed Bell Peppers

Summer Stuffed Bell Peppers

Summer Stuffed Bell Peppers

Because of my success with the Summer Samosas, I decided to try yet another recipe from My New RootsSummer Stuffed Patty Pans! The main ingredients are patty pan squashes, quinoa, peas, kale, onion, garlic, and goat cheese. I know kale is difficult/impossible to find in Belgium outside of the winter season and had already planned to use spinach, but I thought for sure that I could find a summer squash. But after visiting the Natuurhuis (Antwerp’s organic grocery store) and the Delhaize, I gave up and on the spot decided on bell peppers. Luckily the spinach and bell peppers worked well together! This was also my first time using caraway seeds, and the combination of all of the flavors were so delicious!

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