Verloren Maandag 2016


My favorite bakery in Antwerp

Another year, another Verloren Maandag (Lost Monday), aka the Monday after Koen’s birthday (Driekoningen / Epiphany). For me it’s really just an excuse to indulge in worstenbroodjes and appelbollen. This year I really outdid myself and ate a total of 4 worstenbroodjes and 2 appelbollen over the course of the day. Anything for tradition!

If you’re not familiar, worstenbroodjes are sausages baked in a buttery pastry. There are two main offerings in Antwerp – with sausage or a spiced sausage (called a Curryrol). This year Lints offered a lot of varieties likes salmon and spinach, sausage and Belgian endives, and chicken sausage. I stuck with the classics, but maybe next year I will experiment. The bakeries in Antwerp are literally full of worstenbroodjes and appelbollen.

What is Verloren Maandag?

The origins of this tradition can be traced back to 1730. On this Monday, the Monday following Driekoningen, new officials were sworn in. A big celebration followed, provided by the city of Antwerp. To keep costs down, worstenbroodjes were served. The name “Verloren Maandag” or “Lost Monday” comes from it being a “lost” day, because no one was working while the ceremonies took place. The tradition continues today with the addition of appelbollen.


Rows and rows of worstenbroodjes






My first of many appelbollen and worstenbroodjes

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