Butcher’s Dining in Hove, Belgium


Butcher’s Store and Dining


Butcher’s Store from De Laet & Van Haver in Hove is a meat lover’s paradise for over 25 years now. 7 years ago they opened Butcher’s Dining next door. We went with our friend Nanw and Mihai on a quest for the most delicious steak dinner. Luckily there are a lot of sharing options! We chose 4 starters to split, followed by an entrecote tasting. Well worth the drive to Hove for a delicious steak dinner!

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Portuguese Dinner


Grilling chorizo on the balcony

One great thing about attending an international business school is that I get to meet students from all over the world. And what brings people together like food? A couple of nights ago Koen and I went to Ines and Francisco’s apartment for a Portuguese dinner of chorizo and a bacalhau and potato casserole – and of course Portuguese wine!

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Cooking with my Family: Grilling


Grilling with my helper

There were a few times the whole family was together. So what better than grilling as a family? I made my favorite grilled vegetable salad, my dad grilled steaks and corn, and my mom baked a fresh loaf of sourdough bread along with potatoes – both regular and sweet.

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Japan: Ueno (Tokyo)


Ueno Station at night

Ueno is a neighborhood in northern Tokyo, part of the Taito Ward, and home to many of Tokyo’s museums. Compared to other neighborhoods, Ueno is part of the Shitamachi, or literally the “low city”, a working class area. Koen and I really enjoyed coming to Ueno one evening to walk around and have a drink and sample Japanese bar food.

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Japan: Yakiniku (Kyoto)


Meet Bowl in Kyoto for yakiniku

Yakiniku means “grilled meat” in Japanese. The grilling is done inside the restaurant at your table on a grill placed over the direct flame of charcoals. Yakiniku focuses on drawing out the natural flavor of the meat. Additional seasoning is often no more than a bit of salt, a squeeze of lemon, or a splash of “tare” (dipping sauce) after the meat has been grilled. Because of the focus on the flavor of the beef, yakiniku requires high-quality ingredients as well as extra care so as not to overcook it and ruin the beef’s intricate flavor and texture.

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Meat and Beer Fest


Meat and Beer Fest at Park Spoor Noord


Hot Saturday in July? What better than to head to Park Spoor Noord at the Cargo Zomerbar for the Meat & Beer Fest? We invited Chris and Hannah to come to Antwerp and we enjoyed a nice summer evening with plenty of – you guessed it – meat and beer!

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Millevaches and Mon


Dry aged beef to welcome us


To celebrate Father’s Day, Koen and I invited Dook and Els to come to Antwerp to visit our newest butcher Millevaches, aka Thousand Cows. We’re all steak enthusiasts and were excited to check out their offering.

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Scotland Day Five: Loch Lomond and Glasgow


Island of Jura


Day Five in Scotland began very early with the morning ferry at 6:30 am! We had a beautiful view of the sun rising over the island of Jura.

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Little Butcher’s Summer Grill

Koen and me excited for dinner!

Koen and me excited for dinner!

Before we leave for Copenhagen, Koen and I celebrated my birthday Little Butcher’s Summer Grill with his parents, aunt, and uncle. Such a great present from my in-laws! LBSG is a pop-up restaurant at Park Spoor Noord. Where better to house a grill restaurant than outside at a park surrounded by green grass, trees, and playgrounds?

Yannick Van Aeken was the guest cook at LBSG for two nights only! Luckily we found out early enough to book our table. Van Aeken is a former Noma sous-chef. Yes that Noma in Copenhagen, the best restaurant in the world. So perfect preparation for our trip! To accompany the food, Paul Morel was the guest mixologist for one night only. He is the former head-bartender of The Jane in Antwerp. It was difficult to chose which cocktail to take, and we wound up just sampling a little from everything.

The menu was divided into 4 categories: Snacks, Veggies, Carnivore, and Sweets. We all ordered the “Treat Me Nice”, which is chef’s choice combination from the categories. Yum! Koen and I also received compliments from Van Aeken because we were the only people in the entire place eating with our hands! He said at Noma they always like to see people getting a little messy haha.

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