De Arme Duivel & De Koninck with Nicole & Adam!


Nicole & Adam at the De Koninck Brewery!

You never know who you’ll meet – while on the Trans-Siberian Express, the 5 days from Moscow to Irkutsk, we met another couple who’ve turned into good friends. Nicole and Adam had a similar planning to ours and throughout our 3 week trip we met up in Russia, Mongolia, and China. So why not add Belgium to the list?

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De Koninck Brewery with the Family


Entrance to De Koninck

My parents are in town! I really love the De Koninck Brewery, so I thought this would be a fun family outing for both my parents and my in-laws to do together!

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Grayson and Tamar Visit Antwerp

Grayson and Tamar in Antwerp's Central Station, fresh off of the train!

Grayson and Tamar in Antwerp’s Central Station, fresh off of the train!

Before I can start posting my photos from New York City, I first want to make a post about Grayson and Tamar’s (my brother and sister-in-law’s) first trip to Antwerp! In early August they were traveling around Western Europe and made sure to stop over in Antwerp. Not only was it their first time visiting me in Antwerp, but also their first time in Belgium. We drank plenty of Belgian beer and ate a lot of Belgian chocolates and fries.


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