De Arme Duivel & De Koninck with Nicole & Adam!


Nicole & Adam at the De Koninck Brewery!

You never know who you’ll meet – while on the Trans-Siberian Express, the 5 days from Moscow to Irkutsk, we met another couple who’ve turned into good friends. Nicole and Adam had a similar planning to ours and throughout our 3 week trip we met up in Russia, Mongolia, and China. So why not add Belgium to the list?

This was Nicole’s first time and Adam’s second time in Beligum – but their first time in Antwerp. So where to start? Belgian food and beer, of course! My favorite restaurant for a typical Belgian meal is De Arme Duivel – the best stoofvlees in all of Antwerp (maybe even Belgium!). But seeing as Nicole and Adam are vegetarians, no stoofvlees for them. So we settled on cheese and North Sea shrimp croquettes followed by mushroom toast for them, toast cannibale for me, and steak tartare for Koen.


De Arme Duivel



Kasskroketje (cheese croquette)



Garnaalkroketje (North Sea shrimp croquette)



Mushroom Toast



Toast Cannibale



Steak Tartare


After lunch we walked to the De Koninck Brewery. I really love the brewery, and if you follow my blog you know I take all visitors here! The tour is a great introduction to the history of Antwerp and offers the best tasting of Belgian beer. We also had a lot of sunshine, so we could enjoy our drinks in the courtyard!


Triple d’Anvers



Nicole and me



Koen driving the De Koninck truck



Riding through Antwerp



Lifting the heavy beer barrel



End of tour tasting!

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