The Butcher’s Son: 12 Year Anniversary


The Butcher’s Son at De Koninck

Koen and I always celebrate two anniversaries:

  1. March 29th, when we first started dating
  2. October 18th, when we got married

It’s perfect – celebrations of our relationship twice a year!

This March 29th we celebrated 12 years together!!

Where to go? To celebrate we decided on lunching at the 1 Michelin starred The Butcher’s Son at the De Koninck Brewery for delicious steak. To quote the Michelin guide, “De Koninck brasserie is the perfect blend of smart, urban design. Red meat showcased like artwork in display cabinets reminds the visitor that meat is the star of the show here; it is traditionally prepared by the chef and served with delicious side dishes. Balanced flavours come above all else at the Butcher’s son. “



The entrance



Bread, butter, and rillette



12 years ❤



Happy to celebrate and eat!



We ordered the Entrecôte Holsteiner ripened for 6 weeks, so it was brought out for our approval before being prepared



My starter: Aubrac simmered in Triple d’Anvers with hop shoots, a poached egg, and Hollandaise




Koen’s starter: steak tartare with lobster mayonnaise, 10g of caviar, pickles, and quail eggs



Barrel Aged Duvel – soooo good!!



Our delicious Entrecôte Holsteiner



Beautiful salad to accompany our steak



Happy and in love ❤



Better look at the Wild Jo Beer mural next door at the brewery

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