De Arme Duivel & De Koninck with Nicole & Adam!


Nicole & Adam at the De Koninck Brewery!

You never know who you’ll meet – while on the Trans-Siberian Express, the 5 days from Moscow to Irkutsk, we met another couple who’ve turned into good friends. Nicole and Adam had a similar planning to ours and throughout our 3 week trip we met up in Russia, Mongolia, and China. So why not add Belgium to the list?

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Christina and Rafaël Visit!


Christina and Rafaël at the Christmas Market

I’m so happy my best friend is married to someone from the Netherlands. That means every once a while she’ll be closeby and we can see each other! Antwerp/New York City  is a long distance, but when we’re together it’s like no time has passed!

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De Koninck Brewery with the Family


Entrance to De Koninck

My parents are in town! I really love the De Koninck Brewery, so I thought this would be a fun family outing for both my parents and my in-laws to do together!

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Girls’ Night Out


Hannah and me

This past weekend Koen was away in Rotterdam for a boys’ weekend, so I invited Hannah to come to Antwerp for a girls’ weekend! We planned for a delicious Japanese dinner at Osaka (edit – Osaka has since closed its doors after 20 years), followed by drinks at Dogma. The next morning we had a delicious breakfast at Lints, coffee at Caffènation, and then a walk in the Botanical Gardens to see the cacti! A great weekend!

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Danny and Matt visit Antwerp!


Koen, Matt and Danny in front of the Frites Atelier

After many years of saying they’ll come visit, Danny and Matt finally made it to Antwerp! I made it mission to share all things Belgian, so we at a lot of delicious frietjes, drank Belgian beer, and wandered around the beautiful city!

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Kerstmarkt 2016


Kerstmarkt entrance

Every winter I look forward to the Kerstmarkt, or Christmas Market, in Antwerp. As an American, it is still such a new, exciting experience because we don’t have anything like it – or at least not in Georgia!

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Fong Mei, Linkeroever, and Tropicos


Fong Mei for Sunday dim sum!


So excited to have Christina and Rafaël in Anwerp for a few days! Sunday Rafaël had to be in Brussels, so Christina, Koen and I planned a day in the city.

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Antwerpen Proeft 2016


Antwerpen Proeft at the Waagnatie


Antwerpen Proeft, or Taste of Antwerp, is Belgium’s top culinary festival. At Antwerpen Proeft you are able to choose from a wide offering of food, including from Michelin starred chefs.

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Het Gebaar

Happy to have my parents in Antwerp!

Happy to have my parents in Antwerp!

Yay! My parents are in Antwerp!

Before we head off to Italy, we made reservations at Het Gebaar to have an early birthday celebration for my mom. You may remember Het Gebaar from two other posts: 9 year anniversary and when I won the free brunch. Het Gebaar is the Michelin star restaurant from Roger Van Damme. Van Damme is most famous for his desserts, so we booked our reservation in the early afternoon for a sweet lunch!

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Anniversary Weekend

Plantin-Moretus Museum

Plantin-Moretus Museum

Koen and I just celebrated 7 years of being married! We decided to spend our long weekend off together exploring Antwerp a bit more. Tourists in our own city!

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