Danny and Matt visit Antwerp!


Koen, Matt and Danny in front of the Frites Atelier

After many years of saying they’ll come visit, Danny and Matt finally made it to Antwerp! I made it mission to share all things Belgian, so we at a lot of delicious frietjes, drank Belgian beer, and wandered around the beautiful city!

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Julien, Bar-Tabac


Outside, Julien

Earlier this year, Julien opened on the corner of the Schuttershofstraat and the Wapper, a convenient one minute walk from my apartment. Julien is a bar-tabac, a popular type of shop in France, where you can enjoy coffee or drinks (bar) and buy cigarettes (tabac), magazines, and newspapers. There is also a colorful selection of sweets from France and Italy! Julien has a cozy, friendly atmosphere and is a great place to have coffee and read the paper in the morning and to meet friends for a glass of wine after work.

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