Fong Mei, Linkeroever, and Tropicos


Fong Mei for Sunday dim sum!


So excited to have Christina and Rafaël in Anwerp for a few days! Sunday Rafaël had to be in Brussels, so Christina, Koen and I planned a day in the city.

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Sweet Potatoes

My New Root's Big Comfy Sweet Potato

My New Root’s Big Comfy Sweet Potato

The last couple of months Koen and I have been eating more sweet potatoes. Normally I only eat sweet potatoes around Thanksgiving, but I had been seeing more and more recipes calling for them. I have to say, all 3 of these dishes were outstanding and I will definitely make them all again!

My first sweet potato dish that was not a pie or souffle, was the Big Comfy Sweet Potato from My New Roots. It consists of an oven-baked sweet potato topped with a mole inspired sauce served with black beans, avocado, goat cheese, green onion, sprouts, and cilantro. Yum!

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New York Day 10, September 2013

The Famous Katz's Delicatessen

The Famous Katz’s Delicatessen

By our 10th day in NYC, we had already seen quite a bit – so we slept in before enjoying lunch at the famous Katz’s Delicatessen, founded in 1888! Everyone knows the famous scene in Katz’s Deli from the movie When Harry Met Sally. There’s sign hanging in the restaurant if you’re interested in sitting in the same booth! After our HUGE lunch, we headed to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The collection at the Met is overwhelming. In general, it’s so amazing how much art is at your fingertips while you are in New York City. Koen and I will be back in NYC September 2014, and we’ll definitely head back to the Met! If you’re on a budget, admission for the museum is based on donations. So if $25 is too much, you can give what you can any day of the week. After our trip to the Met we met Christina when she got off from work for Mexican food.


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Fried Avocado Tacos with Sesame and Lime

Fried Avocado Tacos with Sesame and Lime

Fried Avocado Tacos with Sesame and Lime

I love tacos and I love avocados, so when I found a recipe for fried avocado tacos with sesame and lime, I had to try it! The result was fantastic, with a wonderful juxtaposition of textures. This recipe comes from the Food 52 website that I’ve recently become obsessed with. Food 52 is an online community for foodlovers and cooks!


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Oma’s 85th Birthday Party!

Oma's 85!

Oma’s 85!

For Koen’s Oma’s 85th Birthday Party, the family hosted a get together catered by the children and grandchildren! As my blog can attest, we all love to cook and eat well! Koen and I made savory dishes, chicken legs and chicken salads while the rest of the family made sweets and other delicious treats!


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Cinco De Mayo


Coronas with lime and Koen’s guacamole!

Although Koen and I are not in the United States to celebrate Cinco De Mayo (5th of May in Spanish), we never pass up the chance to celebrate here in Belgium with Coronas (last year with margaritas) and Mexican food! This time we started in the afternoon with guacamole and corn chips and for dinner made quesadillas with bellpeppers served with pico de gallo.

I think the US is the only country that actually celebrates Cinco De Mayo. Now it’s turned into a celebration of Mexican food and culture and an excuse to drink a lot of tequilla and Coronas!

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