Koen’s Chili Cookoff 2.0


For Koen’s birthday we held a second edition of the Chili Cookoff! In 2016 Koen placed in 2nd, so now after two years he was ready to compete again!

The rules: everyone invited brings a chili to be evaluated with the winners announced at the end of the evening. The prizes: 3 hot sauces. The world’s hottest chili for the winner, 2nd hottest chili for the 2nd place, and 3rd hottest chili for 3rd place.

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Koen’s Chili Cookoff


Ready for the party to begin!


I’m a bit reluctant to admit it…but it’s been forever since Koen and I have thrown a birthday party. We decided there’s no time like the present! So in honor of Koen’s birthday we threw a Chili Cookoff!

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