Danny and Matt visit Antwerp!


Koen, Matt and Danny in front of the Frites Atelier

After many years of saying they’ll come visit, Danny and Matt finally made it to Antwerp! I made it mission to share all things Belgian, so we at a lot of delicious frietjes, drank Belgian beer, and wandered around the beautiful city!

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MOMU – Birds of Paradise

MOMU: Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise: Plumes and Feathers in Fashion

I finally found time to go to MOMU (Mode Museum – Fashion Museum) to check out the Birds of Paradise: Plumes & Feathers in Fashion exhibit! All of the pieces were so beautiful, feminine, and luxurious. It was amazing to see how the feathers were so masterfully crafted. The exhibit includes pieces from Chanel, Dior, Thierry Mugler, Alexander McQueen and Yves St. Laurent. If you’re in Antwerp before the the 24th of August, you should definitely check it out!

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Bal Costumé, Living Fashion, Bowerbird

Saturday night was Museumnacht, or Museum Night in Antwerp. All of the museums were open from 7pm until 1am. To attract visitors, each museum had a special event or party. At the Mode Museum (MoMu, Fashion Museum), there was a Bal Costumé sponsored by Ra 13, Diesel Black Gold, and MoMu.


Bal Costumé Promotion

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Walter Van Beirendonck

Last week I met Walter Van Beirendonck!  Van Beirendonck is one of the Antwerp Six, the group of designers that in 1986 traveled to London together to present their collections, establishing Antwerp as a notable fashion city. While I was at UGA I researched him for a paper about the Antwerp fashion. It was really exciting to spot him in the city!

With Walter Van Beirendonck

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