The Butcher’s Son: 12 Year Anniversary


The Butcher’s Son at De Koninck

Koen and I always celebrate two anniversaries:

  1. March 29th, when we first started dating
  2. October 18th, when we got married

It’s perfect – celebrations of our relationship twice a year!

This March 29th we celebrated 12 years together!!

Where to go? To celebrate we decided on lunching at the 1 Michelin starred The Butcher’s Son at the De Koninck Brewery for delicious steak. To quote the Michelin guide, “De Koninck brasserie is the perfect blend of smart, urban design. Red meat showcased like artwork in display cabinets reminds the visitor that meat is the star of the show here; it is traditionally prepared by the chef and served with delicious side dishes. Balanced flavours come above all else at the Butcher’s son. “

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Butcher’s Dining in Hove, Belgium


Butcher’s Store and Dining


Butcher’s Store from De Laet & Van Haver in Hove is a meat lover’s paradise for over 25 years now. 7 years ago they opened Butcher’s Dining next door. We went with our friend Nanw and Mihai on a quest for the most delicious steak dinner. Luckily there are a lot of sharing options! We chose 4 starters to split, followed by an entrecote tasting. Well worth the drive to Hove for a delicious steak dinner!

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Entering Ciro’s is like walking into the past. There’s a sense of nostalgia in the air – like nothing has changed since it opened in 1962. Koen and I are always looking to try the best steaks, so Ciro’s was recommended to us as a must-try! If steak’s not your thing, the menu is full of classic Belgian fare. Make sure to make a reservation at least a few days ahead of time – this is a favorite place of many in Antwerp!

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Cooking with my Family: Grilling


Grilling with my helper

There were a few times the whole family was together. So what better than grilling as a family? I made my favorite grilled vegetable salad, my dad grilled steaks and corn, and my mom baked a fresh loaf of sourdough bread along with potatoes – both regular and sweet.

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Millevaches and Mon


Dry aged beef to welcome us


To celebrate Father’s Day, Koen and I invited Dook and Els to come to Antwerp to visit our newest butcher Millevaches, aka Thousand Cows. We’re all steak enthusiasts and were excited to check out their offering.

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Koen’s Birthday!

Gin Tonic

This year Koen’s birthday fell on a Tuesday – my day off. Koen’s parents came to Antwerp that afternoon and we did a lot of groceries – going to the butcher, cheese shop, and Delhaize – so we could prepare a dinner of Koen’s favorite foods.

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Sitting on the porch with my dad

Sitting on the porch with my dad

After a busy 9 days in New York City, Koen and I went down to Georgia for a week to visit with family. There’s really no place like home. We enjoyed a relaxing week eating well and enjoying time with family – including meeting my nephew Edward for the first time! I’m so thankful Koen and I were able to see everyone! We had a big low country boil to celebrate Grayson and I being home at the same time. It mostly turned into a baby holding party 🙂

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The Glorious

Outside The Glorious

My mother-in-law, outside The Glorious

To celebrate Koen’s first paycheck from his new job, we invited Koen’s parents out for dinner at The Glorious. The Glorious’s sommelier, Jurgen Lijcops, who is often on Flemish TV speaking about wine, has created a winelist for the restaurant that is always evolving, depending on the month and season. For any wine lover,  a trip to The Glorious is a must! I had been there once before for Christmas dinner with my colleagues and really enjoyed the food. Because of the wine and food, Koen and I thought this would be a great restaurant for celebrating his first paycheck! It was a bit more eventful than we expected (we were brought the wrong wine, the waiter spilled soup on my father-in-law, and a glass broke), but we still enjoyed the wine, food, and company!

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Christmas Post!

I know it’s a bit late for a Christmas post, but I can be a bit lazy when there are a lot of photos involved!

Because we exchange gifts with Sinterklaas, we celebrate Christmas with a big dinner and everyone prepares a course!

Koen and me in our Christmas clothes!

Koen and me in our Christmas clothes!

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Weekend in Roosendaal

The 21st of July is the Nationale Feestdag van België. The south of the Netherlands proclaimed independence to form the Kingdom of Belgium (the official name) on the 25th of August 1830. This was the start of the Belgian Revolution, which ended on the 14th of July 1831. Leopold I became the first king of Belgium the 21st of July 1831, and every year on this day everyone celebrates in Belgium.

But because the 21st was on a Saturday this year, I went to the Netherlands to spend the weekend (it’s rare that I have 2 days off in a row!). Koen and I had a relaxing time in Roosendaal, enjoying good wine (from Grand Vin, of course), food, and weather.

Friday the 20th


2011 Minuty Rosé, AOC Côtes de Provence

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