Weekend in Roosendaal

The 21st of July is the Nationale Feestdag van België. The south of the Netherlands proclaimed independence to form the Kingdom of Belgium (the official name) on the 25th of August 1830. This was the start of the Belgian Revolution, which ended on the 14th of July 1831. Leopold I became the first king of Belgium the 21st of July 1831, and every year on this day everyone celebrates in Belgium.

But because the 21st was on a Saturday this year, I went to the Netherlands to spend the weekend (it’s rare that I have 2 days off in a row!). Koen and I had a relaxing time in Roosendaal, enjoying good wine (from Grand Vin, of course), food, and weather.

Friday the 20th


2011 Minuty Rosé, AOC Côtes de Provence

After work we headed to Roosendaal and enjoyed a lekker apéritif, 2011 Minuty Rosé, AOC Côtes de Provence, on the balcony.

Because the weather was so nice and sunny we grilled every evening, taking advantage of our access to Dook’s Boretti!


Marinating steak

The steak fresh off the grill.


Angus Rib Eye fresh off the grill!

With our dinner, Els made her world famous Caesar salad and dressing!


Steak, Caesar salad, and french fries

A delicious Burgundy to go with dinner.


2007 Ladoix Pinot Noir from Domaine Robert Sirugue

After dinner we enjoyed a few different cheeses paired with a lekkere Pomerol.


2005 Pomerol from Chateau Grand Moulinet

Saturday the 21st

I enjoyed fruit-flavored sprinkles, or vruchtenhagel, every morning this weekend! Hagelslag can also be made from chocolate (hagelslag) and it is sprinkled on buttered toast (so the sprinkles don’t fall off) for a real Dutch breakfast.



After breakfast Koen had to study, so I went for a walk downtown. Because we visit so often, I thought I’d take some photos of the city.

Because it’s Saturday, the market was going on downtown in the Nieuwe Markt.


Ijs van De Coninck

Fresh stroopwafels! You can also order a giant stroopwafel that is prepared in front of you. When my parents were last over we visited this same vendor and indulged!


Fresh stroopwafels from Misses Wafel

Fresh vegetables.


Fresh vegetables at the market

Now to the Oude Markt.


City Hall, Oude Markt, Roosendaal

Cafés to enjoy drinks and the weather.


Outdoor cafés, Oude Markt

The Tullepetaon is the mascot of Roosendaal during carnaval. All of the southern Dutch cities have official mascots during the celebration.


Tullepetaon with the key to Roosendaal

I wanted to share a photo of the fried food wall that you can only find in the Netherlands! You put money into the wall to buy hamburgers, kroketten, en frikadellen. If I ever mention eating well in the Netherlands, Belgian people always bring up the wall filled with fried food, haha.


Wall of Fame, Dutch men enjoying fried food from the wall

Now back to the Nieuwe Markt. In the middle you’ll find the Pavillion over the underground parking garage.


Roosendaal Pavillion

There is also the entrance to the Passage, an Italian opera style knockoff, but still charming in its gaudiness.


Entrance to the Passage


The Passage


Milano Café in the Passage

After walking around downtown I enjoyed a delicious glass of the Austrian white wine I liked so much a few weeks ago on Koen’s parents’ balcony.


2011 Austrian Grüner Veltliner from Weingut Veit

And the view.


View from Koen’s parents’ balcony

Koen made dinner that evening – grilled porkloin with eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper, mushrooms, and potatoes.


Everything on the grill!

Luckily my mother brought one of my favorite barbeque sauces from Savannah for Dook and Els on her last visit!


Johnny Harris barbeque sauce



Grilled porkloin, eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper, and mushrooms

For dessert, we enjoyed a variety of cheeses.


Kaasplankje (Cheese Platter)

Which we enjoyed with a glass of Tawny Port, 10 years.


Porto Krohn 10 Anos

After dinner we visited Koen’s Oma (Dutch for grandmother). On the way I wanted to take a photo of the church, Sint-Josephkerk, that Koen’s grandparents attended and where his Opa sang in the choir.



And this is Oma’s building. Originally it was Oma’s school before becoming an apartment building! So Oma is living in her old school!


Oma’s apartment building

This is Koen’s Oma. She is holding Opa’s miltitary bag that he kept all of his personal items in during his service. It’s such an amazing bag because written all over are the different locations he was stationed. Every city he went to, he wrote the location!


Oma, with Opa’s military bag

And here is the view from Oma’s balcony.


View from Oma’s balcony, you can see the Sint-Josephkerk in the distance

When we came back to Dook and Els’ Koen and his father enjoyed another delicious wine.


2008 Corbières from Château du Grand Caumont

Sunday the 22nd

After sleeping in late and enjoying a book on the balcony, we grilled again for dinner!

Koen made a sundried tomato and Parmesan bread.


Sundried tomato and Parmesan bread

And we enjoyed a refreshing Riesling with dinner.


2009 Alsace Riesling from Joseph Cattin

First course was saté (Indonesian pork on skewers served with satésaus, a sort of peanut sauce), sausage, potato salad (with apple, green onions, and curry – possibly the most delicious potato salad I’ve ever had), and artichoke salad with a homemade fresh basil dressing.


Saté, sausage, potato salad, and artichoke salad with a homemade fresh basil dressing

Second course ribs.


Second Course: Ribs

Third course Livar pork chops.


Third Course: Livar pork chops

And then we were all too full for dessert!

What a great weekend!

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