Millevaches and Mon


Dry aged beef to welcome us


To celebrate Father’s Day, Koen and I invited Dook and Els to come to Antwerp to visit our newest butcher Millevaches, aka Thousand Cows. We’re all steak enthusiasts and were excited to check out their offering.

The idea came from the chefs of the restaurants Món and Lux. They wanted to work with guaranteed quality meat and set out to become farmers. Successful with the venture, they decided to expand and open a butchershop/atelier. So now we’re full circle: farmer, butcher, and chef.

Koen and I bought a big Black Angus steak for that evening and were not disappointed!





Dry aged steak selection!

After our visit to Millevaches we visit Món to stay with the theme. They were even nice enough to store our steak in the fridge while we ate! We were lucky with the weather and enjoyed our meal outside. I enjoyed a delicious steak tartare!


Our Black Angus Steak



Outdoor seating



Cow greeting us inside



Els and Dook



Koen and me



Steak tartare

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