Bij Lam en Yin


Bij Lam en Yin

We’re lucky to live in Antwerp because there are so many great restaurants including 20 Michelin star restaurants! One that we’ve been wanting to try for years now is Bij Lam en Yin – a Cantonese restaurant with a small menu that puts the focus on quality ingredients and dishes.

It seems every time we have something to celebrate they are closed for annual vacation, aka March for our dating anniversary and October for our wedding anniversary (we love to celebrate!). So in the end we just decided to go in June!

Definitely will go back! Can’t recommend enough!


Beautiful menu



Amuse Bouche: Duck with plum sauce



My first course: San choi bao



Koen’s first course: Lu shui



My main course: Crispy Cantonese duck



My dessert: combination of yoghurt and exotic fruit

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