Graanmarkt 13


Carrot Bitterballen

For our first dinner with Nicole and Adam, we chose the restaurant Graanmarkt 13. The food is seasonal, with a weekly menu based on what vegetables are in season. From the site: “Graanmarkt 13 offers a daily varying choice of fish or meat along with various vegetarian tapas-style dishes to share with your company.” Chef Seppe Nobels won the prize “Best Vegetable restaurant 2015 of Flanders” by Gault Millau. So this was the perfect place to take our guests!



1st course: Poached eggs with hop shoots and hollandaise



2nd course: Thinly sliced kohlrabi with radishes and greens



Main Course: 3 shared vegetables and weever fish; details below



Weever fish filet with lime zest



A take on Paling In Het Groen, but with brocolli instead of eel



Lightly grilled caesar salad



Potatoes with beets and sour cream



A sweet and spicy carrot sauce to combine with everything



And our delicious dessert: rhubarb with chia seed pudding and meringue

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