Japan: Ueno (Tokyo)


Ueno Station at night

Ueno is a neighborhood in northern Tokyo, part of the Taito Ward, and home to many of Tokyo’s museums. Compared to other neighborhoods, Ueno is part of the Shitamachi, or literally the “low city”, a working class area. Koen and I really enjoyed coming to Ueno one evening to walk around and have a drink and sample Japanese bar food.


Ramen cart outside of the station



Walking through Ueno




Our bar – Bi Bi Bi – I actually took this photo when we left and our servers wanted to be in the photo!



Koen’s Hoppy beer



Whisky Highballs and chicken karaage (deep fried chicken)



Yakitori – wet and dry preparations



Watching Japanese baseball



Japanese beer and edamame



Cheers! Ginger highball!

When we came back to Tokyo at the end of our trip, we came back to Ueno during the day to visit the park and see what else there is to do in Ueno. I have to admit that Ueno is much more fun at night. Once we arrived in Ueno, it took a long time to find somewhere for lunch. We found a place and immediately thought we may have received food poisoning. Then we walked to the famous Ueno Park and it was so crowded with tourists. Unless you really want to visit the museums, I’d recommending only coming at night to the bars or just skip it entirely. There are other more fun things to do in Tokyo!


Ameyayokocho, a street market district that evolved out of an open-air black market that sprung up after World War II



Fake sushi key chains for sale



Ueno Park, Statue of Saigō Takamori (an influential samurai) walking his dog



Kiyomizu Kannondō



Gojōten Jinja



Lotus pond in Ueno Park



Benzaiten Temple in Ueno Park



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