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We finally made it to Marcel. After passing the restaurant many times and saying we should eat there one day, we finally did!

Koen and I both ordered the seasonal Menu Marcel and weren’t disappointed. The food was delicious, the staff friendly, and the atmosphere gezellig (cozy)!



Bread with pork rillette and pickles rather than butter to start



Amuse bouche with salmon



First course, and my favorite of the evening: Oysters in a vichy sauce in a cold soup of potato, leek, chives and black pepper garnised with watercress



Second course: Shrimp with risotto made with fish soup, finished with an aioli foam



Main course: Rascasse in a minestrone with green vegetables, tomato and parmesan



My dessert: Crème brûlée



Koen’s dessert: Compote of rhubarb with strawberries, white chocolate and an orange sorbet

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