Roji: Celebrating my finished thesis!



Finished! Finally finished! After three months of no free time – researching and writing in the evenings after work and on my days off – my thesis is completed! One step closer to my MBA!

To celebrate submitting my thesis Sunday afternoon, Koen and I headed to Roji for dinner. Roji is a place, to quote their site, to “Experience French-Japanese kitchen at its finest in the heart of historic Antwerp.” I’d never had French-Japanese food, so I was excited to try!



Time to start celebrating!





At Roji, we decided to go with the Omakase Menu – if we’re out to celebrate, might as well order the biggest menu! The menu is broken up as follows:

Sanseke: 3 very important Japanese tea ceremony’s, “3 starters”
Wabi-Cha: This style emphasizes the simple tea ceremony, “pur sushi”
Omotesenke: The Sen house, main school of tea ceremony, “wild fish”
Hida Gyu: Japanese black-haired beef raised in Gifu Prefecture 14 months.
Tsukubai: The body is cleaned; rinsing the mouth.
The presentation was beautiful and the food was just as good as it looks!

Pre-dinner fireplace setting for cocktails





Parsnip chips



Cucumber slices with a sweet chili sauce


To accompany our menu, we decided to go with the sake pairing. Their offer is very extensive and we had a lot of fun discussing the sake with our waiter. I love sparkling sake, and was happy to end the evening with one!




Sanseke: Fine starters



Seafood salad with citrus notes



Oyster with Japanese flavors


Wabi-Cha: Top selection of sushi




Omotesenke: Wild fish



Fish with bok choy and mushrooms



Fish with white asparagus

Hida Gyu: Wagyu


Tsukubai: Seasonal cheese and sweets


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