Stockholms Matmarknad


So many delicious salmon to choose from!

In general, Koen and I really love renting apartments if we’re on holiday. One of our favorite things to do, normally to relax toward the end, is to visit a local market to prepare dinner at our apartment. It gives us an opportunity to try local food and chill at the apartment for an easy evening. Markets are also a great opportunity to delve into the real food culture of a city. Koen is the best at discovering what we need to eat – asking what they miss most when out of the country, what does their family eat at Christmas and other big holidays. Like this we’re sure not to miss anything!

Originally we wanted to visit the Östermalm Food Hall, but it was under construction during our visit. After a bit of research, we discovered the Stockholms Matmarknad. It’s very small but worth a visit! The dinner we prepared was so delicious!

To quote their About:

Our selection of products

“Our bread is freshly baked just around the corner from the market which means it has barely come out of the oven before you can serve it at home. The fish come directly from the ocean and the fisherman, without any detours or middlemen, which means we can offer the most fresh selection of fish and seafood in Stockholm. Vegetables are bought directly from local Swedish farmers but sometimes our Nordic climate means we have to collaborate with farmers outside of Sweden. In those cases we always handpick small-scale farmers who work with diversified crops. Our extensive charcuterie is filled with meat products of the highest quality – often locally produced but always from carefully selected farms and suppliers.”


Stockholms Matmarknad



One of the fish counters



Our selection



Leaving Sture Galfrian hungry and happy



Et voilà, from left: smoked salmon, fresh cucumber and red onion pickles, our own toast skagen – knäckebröd with a shrimp salad topped with roe; yummmm!!!

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