Lisbon: LXFactory


Arriving at LXFactory


Sunday we headed to the neighborhood of Alcântara to check out the LXFactory, a creative island in a factory setting with cool shops, restaurants, and galleries. Because it was Sunday, we were also able to see the weekly flea market. We loved walking around the photogenic LXFactory and enjoying all of the art.

Highlights include the delicious chocolate cake from Landeau Chocolate, which the NY Times calls “devilishly good”, and the cool bookshop Livraria Ler Devagar. If only we were staying in Lisbon longer we’d have bought some of the artisinal products being sold at the market!



The Sunday Flea Market




Landeau Chocolate



If nothing else works, try chocolate cake!



Hot chocolate



The delicious chocolate cake




Walking through the LXFactory



“Bee” Installation by Bordalo II, created using only trash and found materials



Livraria Ler Devagar




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