São Miguel: Dolphin Watching in Ponta Delgada


Harbor in Ponta Delgada


The Azores are really famous for being one of the best places to go for whale watching. Unfortunately we were visiting during the off-season, but we wanted to out to sea anyway. Luckily dolphins can be spotted year-round!

We did a bit of research leading up to our trip and booked our Whale/Dolphin Watching with Picos de Aventura. I loved that we received a small marine biology lesson half an hour before we headed out. It gave us an even bigger appreciation for the islands, the ocean, and of course all of the animals. We really enjoyed the experience!

Koen and I arrived with a rain jacket and poncho, but they had entire suits available if you wanted. I regret not putting the rubber pants on over my jeans! It started raining only 30 minutes into it and wet jeans are the worst! So if you take this tour, I recommend you are fully covered!



Picos de Aventura



Ready to head out to sea!



Koen in his French Open poncho



Time to get on the boat



A few more instructions before heading out




Leaving São Miguel




The beautiful Atlantic Ocean, watching for dolphins



Choppy waters



And…heading back!



Didn’t realize I needed waterproof mascara!

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