Stockholm: Pubologi


Pubologi in Gamla Stan (Old Town)


Part of the fun of being in Stockholm is visiting all of the islands. For dinner we headed to the Gamla Stan, Old Town, for dinner at Pubologi. This is again a recommendation from a colleague who lives in Stockholm and she said the menu is always changing and super creative. We weren’t disappointed. I loved the seasonal ingredients and innovative combinations! I especially enjoyed dessert – I’d never eaten pine needles before!




Deep fried brussels sprouts with pine salt



Steamed cockles with charcoal grilled broccoli, pickled kohlrabi, elderberries, mussel velouté and broccoli & seaweed cream




Tartar of ox top round with grilled white onion, melted tallow emulsion, lovage, and ox juice



Fried pork loin with cream of Jerusalem artichoke, pickled blackcurrants, sunflower seeds and roasted jus



Roasted hazelnut ice cream with cloudberries in caramel sauce, spruce, grated meringue and caramelized hazelnuts

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