Copenhagen: Plant Power Food


Inside Plant Power Food

We’re moving to Stockholm!!! But it’s going to be a long process… After a lot of researching and planning we decided on driving to Stockholm with our essentials, then driving back to Antwerp, then flying back to Stockholm. A lot, I know – especially considering I accidentally let my driver’s license expire, so Koen will be doing the 18 hour drive twice while I keep him awake and happy 🙂

On the way to Stockholm means a car full of valuables, so we took two days, only overnighting in Copenhagen. So that means we woke up early drove through Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany, then drove onto a ferry and took the boat to Denmark, then the final two hour drive to Copenhagen. We arrived late and needed a good night’s rest. But before the final leg to Stockholm, we indulged in a delicious plant-based  brunch at Plant Power Food in Nørrebro (Northern neighborhood in Copenhagen).

After a day of roadside eateries in Germany (ie. a lot of meat and bread, plus chips and energy drinks to keep us going), we really wanted something light and clean. Plant Power Food was a convenient 15 minute walk over the river from our hotel and had amazing reviews on Google – plus beautiful dishes! The restaurant is owned by Chef Neel Engholm and athlete Casper Bilton, focusing on ‘healthy vegan dishes with a visual fantastic look’. We ordered the brunch and were brought such a colorful, interesting and delicious plate of vegetables. Will definitely be back!



Beautiful weather when we woke up – perfect for a short stroll across the river to Nørrebro!



Plant Power Food



Red Juice for Koen and a Oat Milk Latte for me



The Plant Power Brunch: Ricepaper rolls with avocado, sprouts, raw pickled red onions & cucumber; mushroom paté, curry salad, sweet potato spread, raw & dehydrated snacks, raw crackers, & rosemary marinated mushrooms; half avocado sprinkled with tahini dressing, sprouted dehydrated buck wheat and balsamic pearls

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