Copenhagen: Coffee Collective and Karamelleriet


Always happy with a good cup of coffee in my hands!


One of our favorite places for coffee in Copenhagen is at Coffee Collective on the Jægersborggade. Since our last visit the relocated from one end of the street to the other and are now in a much bigger location. I love how in Copenhagen all of the businesses seemed aimed toward sustainability, like using organic, local, seasonal, and fair trade products and practices. Coffee Collective is not an exception. Of course we bought a few bags of beans to take back with us to Stockholm.

From their website:

Creating the best coffee experiences in the world while helping farmers achieve more value is what drives us. We roast daily and focus on sustainability from seed to cup.


The Coffee Collective



The menu



So many delicious beans to choose from



My handsome coffee date



Our drinks


Just down the street is another favorite of ours – Karamelleriet – where they make delicious fresh caramels in a variety of flavors. They were actually making my favorite, mint, when we walked in and we were able to taste it hot from the kitchen! Like with Coffee Collective, we had to take a bag with us to go!






Making the mint caramels



So many delicious flavors to choose from



A mixture of the mint and sea salt to bring back home

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