Amsterdam, Netherlands May 2013


Rembrandtplein, the Night Watch in 3D

This my last May travel post! At the end of my parents’ visit, they decided to spend a couple of days in Amsterdam. Because I had the day off and my parents had a lot of luggage, I took the train with them and spent a few hours enjoying the beautiful weather and a few sites in Amsterdam with my Mom and Dad.  I have always considered Amsterdam one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited, so I loved being able to walk along the canals, buy tulips, and eat poffertjes with my parents!

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Antwerp Botanical Garden (De Antwerpse Plantentuin)

Located in downtown Antwerp is the beautiful Botanical Garden (De Plantentuin).  It’s 2 minutes both from my apartment and work, so during the Spring and Summer, when the weather’s nice, I like to picnic in the garden or sit on one of the benches with a nice book.


Me visiting the Antwerp Botanical Garden in April 2012

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