Reims, France

The Vranken Pommery Estate

The Vranken Pommery Estate

On our way back to the Netherlands, we planned for one more day trip – to Reims located in the heart of the Champagne region of France. After a big brunch, we packed up the car and headed north. Arriving at the Vranken Pommery Estate was a bit like arriving at Disneyland. I love the Neo-Elizabethean architecture and the powder blue buildings!

The tour was really great – I definitely would recommend visiting if you’re in Reims. The story of Madame Pommery is inspiring. In 1860 her husband passed away and she took control of the champagne house and turned it into what we know today! Can you imagine being a widowed mother of 2 in the late 1800s growing and managing the Pommery Estate?!

After our tour and champagne tasting, Koen’s sisters headed home, while Koen and I explored the city and had dinner with his parents in the city center.

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