My favorite place to get coffee in Antwerp is at Caffènation and it’s a convenient 5 minute walk from my apartment! The new location by the Nationale Bank van België is huge (3 floors) and now I’m always guaranteed a seat. Caffènation is the only real coffee house in Antwerp other than the Starbucks in the train station. Over here there’s more of a café culture, so the atmosphere at Caffènation feels a lot more American and like home to me.


Nationale Bank van België

Also the new location offers outdoor seating! So for the few weeks a year we have nice weather in Belgium, we can enjoy our coffee outside.


Caffènation, the white building

A few more photos:


Barista, inside Caffènation



Our drinks: cappuccino of the week (made every week with a different roast) and an iced vanilla soy latte


Caffènation has their own blog, in English, if you want to check it out:

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