Barbara in Antwerp: Native and Le Pain Quotidien



When my sister-in-law Barbara told me she’d be coming to Antwerp for the day, I finally had an excuse to try out Native!

Native is an organic bistro in downtown Antwerp. Browsing through their Instagram and Yelp, you can’t help but be drawn to the colorful dishes. When we arrived there was luckily space for the two of us. It was difficult to choose just one dish to eat and both were delicious! To accompany our dishes we both ordered the beet and apple juice. Yum!


My sweet potatoes with parsley sauce and Barbara’s butter turnip tart with a cauliflower sauce and watercress



Closeup of my sweet potatoes and parsley sauce



Barbara with her lunch



Excited to eat!

After lunch we headed to Le Pain Quotidien for a cappuccino and dessert. I was really in the mood for coffee and ordered the big size. What was brought out was a cappuccino in a cup the size of a soup bowl! The strawberry/rhubarb crumble was delicious!


Le Pain Quotidien



Big = giant cappuccino!



Cappuccinos and strawberry/rhubarb crumble



Trying very hard not to spill!

For dinner, before heading to the cinema to see The Big Short, Barbara and I prepared sweet potato empanadas with pico de gallo followed by her blueberry almond butter cookies – yum! Such a fun day!


Empanadas ready to go into the oven



Sweet potato empanada with pico de gallo



Barbara’s blueberry almond butter cookies for dessert!

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