Thanksgiving 2016


Happy Thanksgiving!


Even though Koen and I live in Belgium, we still celebrate Thanksgiving every year. This year was very special – my parents were in town! They were able to bring decorations and ingredients with them from America!

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Sunday Brunch

Avocado BLT

Every week I look forward to Sundays. Sunday is the only day in the week that Koen and I are both off from work together. So we like to make the most of it. That involves sleeping in and making special brunches. Every week we like to try something different.

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A “Boar”ing Weekend

A few weekends ago, Koen and I happily accepted a large amount of wild boar from a friend of Koen’s father. I had only had boar once before in a kroket form, so I was excited to try it in other ways.

First night:


Slowly roasted wild boar marinated in Norton Privada wrapped in prosciutto, served with green cabbage/potato mash and roasted chestnuts

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