Japan: Tsukiji Fish Market (Tokyo)


Entrance of the Tsukiji Fish Market


The Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo is the largest and busiest fish market in the world. The market opens most mornings at 3AM, so it’s recommended to visit when you first arrive and are still jet lagged. So we headed to Tsukiji for a sushi breakfast on our first full day!


Entering the outer market of Tsukiji




Walking through Tsukiji



Busy at work


For our sushi breakfast we chose Daiwa Sushi, one of the most famous restaurants in Tsukiji. Well worth the hour long wait in line! Daiwa Sushi is amazing not just for the food but the experience as a whole – the line and the cramped seating are all part of it. The quality of the fish and sushi lived up to every expectation: fresh, delicate, flavorful, high-quality. I think it’s best summed up by a review I read before going: “There is no music playing and all you can hear is the quiet chatter among the patrons and hustle and bustle of Tsukiji outside the walls. You are given the utmost attention and respect by the sushi chefs. As you watch them prepare every piece of sushi, you can see the tender love, care and respect that is given to the fish. It is truly a spectacular experience and words nor pictures can do it justice; it’s something you have to go and see for yourself to truly experience the magic of Daiwa Sushi.”


Koen waiting in line



Almost our turn!



First a hot cup of green tea



Our sushi chef



The first pieces




The sweet shrimp was my favorite!



Makizushi – otoro and salmon roe, sea bream nigirizushi



Our final pieces

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