Celebrating in Berchem


#1 Cheese shop in Europe

To celebrate my thesis defense, my father-in-law joined me in Berchem for an assortment of delicious cheeses at Michel Van Tricht & Zoon Kaasaffineurs before joining Koen for dinner at Orso Pizzeria.

Van Tricht cheeses are the most famous in Belgium, but also throughout the world. The shop has been named the #1 cheese shop in Europe and all of the top restaurants serve their cheese. So when my father-in-law came to Antwerp to join Koen and me for dinner, I suggested we first do apero here with some wine and cheese before meeting up with Koen.

Maybe you also recognize Van Tricht cheeses from my 7 year wedding anniversary post or the Brouwerij De Koninck post, because their cheese ripen at the new brewery!



Browsing the menu with a glass of rosé



Ham salad with toast



Dook’s 4 cheese assortment



My 4 cheese assortment



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After our wine and cheese, we headed to the Zurenborg neighborhood to meet Koen for delicious pizza at Orso Pizzeria. We were excited for Dook to try the spontaneously fermented family wines that they serve at the restaurant. Orso Pizzeria is where we celebrated my mom’s birthday 2 years ago!



Orso Pizzeria



Spying on Koen who arrived first at the restaurant



Bruschetta to start topped with artichoke cream, carpaccio and truffle



Dook trying the wine



My Bufalina pizza, with tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella and basil



Koen’s Tonno Affumicato pizza, with smoked tuna, tomato, fennel, sweet onions, and pesto from wild fennel



Dook’s Orso pizza, with tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, Tuscan ham, rucola, basil, and parmesan cheese



Love their graphic design!

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