Barcelona: Graduation


The struggle

It’s official! Finally finished with my MBA!

After a few years of balancing working full-time and attending school part-time (even taking holiday to attend class!) I have my MBA!

Because Antwerp Business School is part of the larger United International Business Schools, all of the students graduate together in a ceremony at the World Trade Center in Barcelona – such a beautiful setting!

During the ceremony I was surprised with an academic award – Highest GPA for Graduate/Master!





12-UIBS 2017

Photo from the school’s photographer



Putting on my gown



Ready to go!



Excited for the ceremony


111-UIBS 2017

In line for the procession


274-UIBS 2017

During graduation


400-UIBS 2017

Receiving my MBA diploma


401-UIBS 2017



452-UIBS 2017

Highest GPA Award


137-UIBS 2017

With the Dean and  President of UIBS


DSC03915DSC03902DSC03934DSC03928502-UIBS 2017

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