Moscow: Red October


View of Red October

Lonely Planet describes Red October best:

This defiant island of Russian modernity and Europeanness is a vibrant arts centre filled with cool bars, restaurants and galleries. With an aptly revolutionary name, the former Red October chocolate factory looks straight into the Kremlin’s eyes – a vivid reminder that Russia is not all about totalitarian control and persecution.

Made of red brick, like its imperial vis-à-vis across the river, the factory was built by German national Theodor Ferdinand von Einem and proudly bore his name until the Bolshevik takeover. Production ended in the noughties, when its conversion into Moscow’s hottest restaurant and entertainment area began. These days it is a key part of the hipster belt stretching along the river into Gorky Park and beyond. Come here to rub shoulders with Moscow’s smart, cool and beautiful in one of the rooftop bars or check out an exhibition at Lumiere Brothers Photography Centre.

WARNING: When you try to find Red October on Google Maps you’re taken to the wrong place – an old chocolate shop. We were lost for about two hours trying to find Red October and it was so close to where we were in Red Square! Better to type in Lumiere Brothers Photography Centre for directions! Unfortunately by the time we arrived all the galleries were closed, so we just walked around and then enjoyed Moscow Mules at the Strelka Bar with a beautiful view!


Finally headed in the right direction to the real Red October



View of Cathedral of Christ the Savior



The galleries – including the Strelka Institute where we ended our evenings with drinks on their rooftop bar



Seating inside the Strelka Institue for lectures and films



Red October Gallery




Strelka rooftop bar



Me with the Cathedral of Christ the Savior across the river



My handsome date



Real Moscow Mules in Moscow!

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