Moscow: Danilovsky Market


Danilovsky Market

Our last stop before boarding the Trans-Siberian Express was the Danilovsky Market to pick up delicious treats and snacks for the train. I first saw the Danilovsky Market on the Chef’s Table’s episode about Vladimir Mukhin when he went shopping with his daughter. I didn’t know the name of the market, but once we started researching where to go I recognized it right away and knew that’s where we should go before taking off for Siberia!

To quote The Culture Trip:

“This farmers’ market is famed for being the place to find organic foodstuffs in Moscow. Danilovsky Market aims to provide the best of Russia’s farm-to-table produce. The meat, cheese, and jams here all hail from the local region, and the wafting scent of freshly baked bread is sure to set your stomach rumbling. Piles of fresh, exotic fruits teeter alongside dried fruits and nuts in rainbow towers. The witty and friendly traders from Russia and central Asia will entertain you with their tricks and dazzle you with their recommendations”

Everyone really is super friendly, even if we don’t completely understand each other. But that offered us the best way to communicate – taste testing! We sampled so many delicious pickles, meats and cheeses before choosing what to buy!




For dinner we just walked a minute from the market to Fedya, dich!, a game restaurant by Chef Sergey Yeroshenko. Thank goodness for wifi – no English menus, no English speaking staff. We had to use the photo tool from Google Translate to try to decipher the menu. But it was worth it!



Fedya, dich!



Inside – sorry it’s blurry 😦



Deer quesadillas



My wild duck with apples and ginger



Koen’s chicken and corn

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