Stockholm: Fika


Fika at Drop Coffee

I don’t think I can describe fika better than the official Swedish website:

“Swedes prefer not to translate the word fika. They don’t want it to lose significance and become a mere coffee break. It is one of the first words you will learn when visiting Sweden, right after tack (thank you) and hej (hello).

Fika is much more than having a coffee. It is a social phenomenon, a legitimate reason to set aside a moment for quality time. Fika can happen at any time, morning as well as evening. It can be savoured at home, at work or in a café. It can be with colleagues, family, friends, or someone you are trying to get to know. It is a tradition observed frequently, preferably several times a day.

Accompanying sweets are crucial. Cinnamon buns, cakes, cookies, even open-faced sandwiches pass as acceptable fika fare. It comes as no surprise that Swedes are among the top consumers of coffee and sweets in the world – or that Swedes appreciate the good things in life.”

While in Stockholm we tried to have fika every day and I loved it!



With my cappuccino



Koen with his filter coffee



My cappuccino and delicious chocolate cake!




I chose both the cardamom and cinnamon rolls! (see photo at start of post)



Fika bliss



Koen’s fika: coffee and brownie



Fika at our apartment in Stockholm: cinnamon roll and princess cake



Fika at our apartment: Semla, a sweet bun with cream, almond paste,  and cardamom







Chocolate mousse with cherries




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