Stockholm: Meatballs for the People


Meatballs for the People

Of course for our first meal in Stockholm we wanted to eat Swedish meatballs! Where better than Meatballs for the People – a restaurant in Sodermalm dedicated to meatballs?

Although definitely a restaurant for tourists (everything is in English and you won’t hear any Swedish inside), the food is delicious. So if you’re in Stockholm and want to try Swedish meatballs, I recommend coming here. Plus the neighborhood, Sofo, is really cool to explore.


Even the signs are all in English



My handsome lunch date



Lingonberry juice



Before: Meatballs with a cream gravy, mashed potatoes, and fresh pickles



After: My plate with all of the extra free toppings – pickled beets, onions, carrots, and lingonberries



The lunch crowd

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