Cadzand, Netherlands


Arrived in Cadzand

For my birthday, I wanted to spend a quiet day with Koen in Zeeland. I know about Cadzand because of Sergio Herman. He has two 1 Michelin starred restaurants, Pure C and Air Republic, both located in Cadzand and I was curious to see the appeal!

I don’t especially like swimming, but I love going for walks on the beach. There’s something about the salty, sea air that reinvigorates me. That’s why I love Zeeland – one of the twelve provinces of the Netherlands. Cadzand didn’t disappoint. I found the town very charming and relaxing.

After our walk, Koen and I headed to Sergio Herman’s Air Republic for a snack on their pavilion with a view of the ocean. The restaurant is actually divided into two sections – the actual restaurant which has earned a Michelin star and the cafe which is more of a snackbar. We dined at the latter, enjoying shrimp croquettes and kimchi fries!


Hotel Noordzee



I love all the little houses on Dutch and Belgian beaches. The perfect place to change into your swimsuit or store your beach supplies!




Walk along the pier




So many birds!




Windy day



Air Republic



Walking toward the entrance



The pavilion



Kimchi cheese fries and shrimp croquettes



Coffee with local cookies to finish



Cadzand is very famous for shark teeth, which can be found along the beach.



And a little bit of foraging on our way back to the car – rosehips! We will dry them at home to make tea!

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