Lisbon: A Ginjinha Espinheira



A Ginjinha

I read that in Porto you have Port wine and in Lisbon you have ginja, so of course we needed to try this sweet cherry liquor! Like most of the people waiting in line for a shot at A Ginjinha, we first heard about it by watching Anthony Bourdain in Lisbon. Located on Rossio Square, you can try ginja for only a couple of euros – with or without cherries (we preferred with). It was delicious enough for us to drink 4 each, but when it came to bring back a bottle we passed. And be careful – the sweetness makes it easy to go down and then hits when you once you start walking to your next destination 🙂

A bit about the drink from an independent guide to Lisbon: Ginja is based upon a fortified wine that has been infused with Ginja cherries and combined with vast amounts of sugar. The Ginja drink is served straight, with the choice of either an alcohol laden cherry or not. The Portuguese are incredibly fond of this drink, as it was a “grand-parent” wonder cure for all manner of illnesses, and this love of the drink has been passed onto younger generations. Ginja is the shortened name of Ginjinha.


Rossio Square



In line for our ginja



Many bottles available for purchase







Best with cherries


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