Sintra Part V: Azenhas do Mar


View of the city of Azenhas do Mar – taken by our Tuk Tuk driver 🙂

Portugal is famous for its seafood and Sintra is no exception. So to conclude our day trip, after researching and asking friends, we decided on Azenhas do Mar. To our surprise this is the name of both the restaurant and the city! So when we asked our Tuk Tuk driver to take us here he looked at us very weirdly and said it’s two towns away. But luckily he lives closeby and we negotiated a price and off we went! He happily let us know that after dropping us off he could just go home and not work the evening shift.

We were really blown away by the beauty of the Tuk Tuk ride and the town of Azenhas do Mar. Our driver comes here almost every day in the summer and he made a few stops to show the view before arriving at the restaurant.

Surrounded by such beauty, we hoped the food would match….and we were so happy with our choice! Such delicious, fresh seafood! And the staff is amazing!




The restaurant is situated on a beautiful beach



Almost there



The entrance



Olives, cheese, and spreads



Barnacles – our waiter showed us how to eat them



Each one is unique



Ready to eat, but just in case – here is a video below




Garlic clams






And of course a delcious carabineros shrimp (scarlet shrimp)



Golden sea bream – the waiter brought us our fish beforehand to show the golden spots next to its eyes, hence the name “golden”



Soooo good!



When in Portugal…a glass of 20 year old tawny port

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