Lisbon: Marisqueira Cervejaria Ramiro


Marisqueira Cervejaria Ramiro on Wednesday night

Marisqueira Cervejaria Ramiro was one of our must-visit restaurants in Lisbon! We first heard about on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations when he was in Lisbon to taste an array of local seafood ending with a prego, or steak sandwich, for “dessert”. It was so delicious we went back again – normally we never repeat restaurants on vacation! But we just had to have those scarlet shrimp again!!

With such a well-known seen-on-TV restaurant, of course you need to expect tourists. I think around 80% were Americans. We doubted our decision at first, but I’m so glad we didn’t leave. Ramiro has the best seafood I’ve ever tasted! We learned later that before Bourdain, the restaurant was always filled with locals. Due to the fame, the prices went up and the locals no longer came. But really if you want to taste the best shrimp with delicious Portuguese wines – you must come here!

Tip 1: There are no reservations. Be sure to immediately register yourself at the desk and get a number. While you wait enjoy a beer from the machine! Everyone outside was super friendly and we enjoyed chatting while we waited.

Tip 2: Avoid Friday and Saturday night if you can. We went on a Wednesday and a Saturday night. The waiting time more than doubled! Koen and I had had a long day and we stuck it out – waiting more than 2 hours for our table!

Tip 3: If you go on Saturday night like we did, order something inside to eat while you wait. We saw people eating pregos and meat platters, so I went inside and ordered us 2 pregos and a bottle of wine! A fun way to pass the time!



Buttered bread



Delicious Portuguese wine




Still sizzling garlic shrimp – the bread was perfect for soaking up the leftover garlic oil!



The famous carabinero (scarlet) shrimp! The most delicious shrimp in the world!



So excited to try them – even exceeded our expectations!



Giant tiger prawns



The giant tiger prawn next to my head for scale



And the famous prego steak sandwich for dessert!




Ramiro Saturday night – huge crowd!




Wine and pregos while we waited more than 2 hours



We thought of ordering differently, but it was just too good not to order again! So to start – the garlic shrimp!




The carabineros and giant tiger prawns

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