London: King’s Cross


Granary Square ready for Christmas

I love visiting London and this time we planned a weekend trip with our friends Chris and Hannah! From Brussels to London, it’s only a 2 hour train ride – fast and easy!

St. Pancras Train Station is in Kings Cross, so my trips always begin here. I love visiting Granary Square and walking along the Regent’s Canal. Normally we always visit Dishoom or The Lighterman for lunch, but we decided to try somewhere new and more traditionally British – Piebury Corner for meat pies and scotch eggs.

I did notice one big change since my last visit – behind Granary Square there are many shops opening. The area is called Coal Drops Yard, named for their use as Victorian coal drop sheds used to receive coal from the boats on the Regent’s Canal. Most recently before becoming a retail destination, the warehouses were converted into night clubs. This fit perfectly with the recent history of Kings Cross, vibrant night life, drugs, raves, and prostitution – until recently Kings Cross was the red light district of London. One of the clubs could hold 2,500 clubbers! Now Coal Drops Yard is filled with many interesting shops and restaurants.


Granary Square



View of Regent’s Canal



Ready to explore



Coal Drops Yard



Coal Drops Yard



Entering the boardwalk of the Regent’s Canal



Heading down for a stroll



Accidental twins



Regent’s Canal



Regent’s Canal



Regent’s Canal



Piebury Corner in Kings Cross



Eyes on the Pies



Eyes on the Pies



Scotch Eggs for me while the rest ordered pies – I just can’t resist!


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