cowfish restaurant (Brussels)


Mom in the garden of the Mont des Arts

Because I’m now working in Brussels, I thought it’d be fun to spend an afternoon exploring the city with my parents and seeing where I work. My dad was too sleepy due to jetlag, so my mom and I headed to Brussels! We didn’t have too much on the agenda – just wanted to walk around and enjoy a nice lunch at cowfish restaurant. cowfish is located right off of the luxury shopping street, the Boulevard de Waterloo, so it was the perfect location for us!

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Brussels / Magritte Museum

Kunstberg / Mont des arts / Art Mountain?

Mont des arts / Kunstberg

A couple of weeks ago, Claire and I explored a bit of Brussels before class. We wandered the city discovering the Mont des arts, Magritte Museum, Parc de Bruxelles, and the Royal Palace. It’s shame we couldn’t take photos inside the museum! I’m a big fan of Magritte and it was so inspiring to see the world’s largest collection of his works. Because we started with his earliest paintings, it was evident how his work evolved. Before visiting the museum, I was only familiar with his most famous paintings and signature style. But it turns out he was always experimenting. There was an entire room with paintings from his Renoir Period! If you are in Brussels, you must visit the Magritte Museum!

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